If you’re looking for truth, substance, originality, soulfulness and creativity in music then look no further than Originate. Born deep in the south on December 3, 1984 in Corpus Christi, TX, this multi-talented music man has been surrounded by struggle and music his entire life. When his father retired from professional boxing he moved the family to Grand Prairie, TX in an effort to be closer to the family. Mesmerized by his father and uncles musical talents, Nathan wanted to follow suit and started writing at the tender age of 9 years old, which coincidentally was the same time his dad was kicked out for excessive drug use and infidelity. Determined to spend time with his father, he would go to the studio built by his dad and uncle, working on beats and recording songs until the studio burned down when he was 17. At that point he lost focus and started a heavy lifestyle of drugs himself and anything else to take his mind off of the financial struggles of living in a single parent home with his mother and sister. After a couple years divine intervention changed his life. In a near death car accident, Nathan came to the realization that he has a purpose here in this life and ever since he has not stopped working on his craft and even lived in the studio (literally) for a year and a half. After years of soul searching and teaching himself to be a better artist, recording engineer and producer, Nathan currently has worked with over 200 artists in the metroplex and the list keeps growing. It is only a matter of time until this musical genius is heard by the world. When asked what keeps him inspired to make music he said "I want people to know that if God can bring you to it, He can get you through it... I am living proof that faith is ALL you need in this world to get through and I want to have a message in my music, not just make noise for money. He gave me my gifts for a reason and I won’t take them for granted!"



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Born in Grand Prairie, Texas, WEIGHT is a multi-talented, dynamic artist emerging out of the DFW hip hop music scene. Over the last 10 years he has devoted countless hours to perfection of his craft, constantly evolving in every aspect of music from writing songs, producing, mixing/mastering…..and everything in-between.  In 2013, He created Audio Compulsive Disorder MG as his imprint to release his group (Crooked Poet) and solo projects independently. Recently he has branched off the imprint to own and operate a recording facility (ACDaudio) within the metroplex. As an audio engineer he has worked with such names as Lil Flip, Caskey, Mike Jones, Dizaster, Fat Bastard (DSR) , Go Yayo, and Solo Lucci. As an artist he has opened up for acts such as Obie Trice, Joyner Lucas, Lil Keke da don, Bun B and Waka Flocka. When asked, “What do you hope to achieve with your music?” WEIGHT responded, “I hope to be able to relay different arrays of words and sounds that will scramble preconceived notions and opinions. Hopefully this will enable the receiver to compassionately see the birds’ eye perspective of the experience that we have named… One Love

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Crooked Poet


Crooked Poet consists of Nathan “Originate” Guerra and Chad “WEIGHT” Scarlett.  The two met free styling in cyphers at high school parties in early 2003 and by the end of 2004 were recording freestyles and songs for mixtapes.  Wherever Crooked Poet was, a studio and microphone were always close by!  Whether it was in WEIGHT’s mobile home or rooms lended to them by friends and family, they were always recording.  Eventually, what started out as a personal artistic endeavor to escape the troubles of everyday life turned into something much more.  The duo has been writing, producing, and composing songs in the lab ever since and after almost 10 years of perfecting the craft, a very new and unique sound emerged.   Originate's soulful melodies and harmonic voice along with WEIGHT’s  up tempo, live instrument sound and punctual execution merged to create something that has the potential to push the boundaries of hip hop and music in general to a new level.   Currently, Crooked Poet resides on the independent DFW powerhouse Audio Compulsive Disorder Music Group; hard at work on their upcoming self-titled E.P. as well as their soon to come full length album.  Crooked Poet makes their powerful music from scratch.  They develop, make beats, mix and master all their music in their own personal studios for commercial distribution.  Such a feat is rare amongst local artists…So what is their goal?, none of the above.  It is solely to infuse the world with unique music, inspiring others to manifest positive ideas in life.  Crooked Poet’s aim is to open eyes to the truth that life isn't about glorifying the murder of others, how many drugs you can deal, or what kind of car you drive; but rather the road you choose to take, the people you love, and the memories you manage to keep. With the amount of talent between these two individuals it’s only a matter of time before they reside at the top.